On behalf of its members, MWRTBA provides:

MWRTBA members receive timely updates on activities and developments related to the local and regional transportation construction industry. Highlights include information from the District Department of Transportation, D.C. Water and Sewer Authority, and other District agencies.

As an affiliated chapter of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), MWRTBA members are kept abreast of national developments throughout the transportation construction industry.

Monthly Luncheons
Nearly each month, MWRTBA members meet with interesting guest speakers who discuss issues of importance to the local transportation construction industry. These luncheons provide a unique opportunity for MWRTBA members to interact with decision makers in an informal setting and allow them to receive updates on upcoming projects, policy/regulatory changes, transportation budget issues, and other developments that are important to their business.

Golf Tournament and Banquet
MWRTBA hosts the Annual J.N. Robertson Memorial Golf Tournament and Banquet.  MWRTBA members and their guests come together for breakfast, a round of golf, and an awards luncheon.

Holiday Reception and Luncheon
Each December, MWRTBA members and their guests gather for the Annual Holiday Reception and Luncheon. Held in Washington, D.C., this event is a perfect way for members to network with industry colleagues and decision makers, review the accomplishments of the past year, and look forward to the year ahead.

Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy
MWRTBA monitors the regulatory and legislative activity of District agencies, the DC City Council, and Congress. With one voice, the MWRTBA ensures that policy makers are aware of the Association’s stance on the issues.

Networking Opportunities
By providing forums for MWRTBA members to network with their colleagues and with those who serve as project owners, managers, and regulators, members have the opportunity to learn about both upcoming business development opportunities and other key issues that may directly impact their business. This opportunity provides them with a distinct advantage over their competitors who are not members of the MWRTBA.

Missions & Objectives

MWRTBA has been providing a voice for the transportation construction industry in the District of Columbia for more than half a century.  MWRTBA continues to represent the interests of its members and works to provide information and opportunities that will contribute to the success of their respective businesses.