MWRTBA Representatives Meet Japanese Delegation to Discuss Transportation Construction Workforce

January 18, 2018 - 1 minute read

MWRTBA members, including Fort Myer Construction’s Vice President and General Counsel Chris Kerns, met with members of a Japanese delegation on Jan. 11 at the ARTBA headquarters in Washington, D.C. The meeting, at the request of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Office of International Programs, included delegation members from the Infrastructure Development Institute of Japan and aimed to help improve working conditions for construction workers in Japan, a problem whose magnitude is increasing due to the acceleration of an aging workforce.

The government of Japan is committed to “work style reform,” according to the delegation, and has asked the construction industry to work on ensuring proper wage levels and “ensuring holidays” by promoting a two-day weekend in an effort to make the industry more attractive to young workers. The group also discussed workforce innovation and methods to help enhance productivity.

Thank you to Fort Myer Construction for taking part in the meeting.